Saturday, February 16, 2008

Going, Going, Gone! Gray

About a year ago I decided to make a huge change and stop dyeing my hair. I first started going gray when I was in my mid-twenties; it's a trait that my Mom, 4 brothers and I have received from my Grandpa. It's never been a huge deal until child #3 came and I just couldn't keep up with the new growth every 3 weeks. I've always been pretty low-maintenance and it was killing me to have to spend that much time and money on my hair, only to get an ordinary brown mousy color. I wasn't even sure anymore what my natural color was! The worst part about having so much gray is everyone notices & every glimpse in the mirror or photo showed I was due for another touch-up. (I once had an older pastor ask me how I got that cool silver streak right on my hairline!)

The growing out period was tough - having the multi-color, faded color and huge roots look was difficult. I sometimes used a tinted mousse if I had appointments, but that was a hassle since it rinsed out – not good if it’s raining or if you sweat! I remember once when I was picking up my niece from school she was sitting in the back seat and said “Aunt Chona, what colo is yo haiw?” I was SO grateful when it was finally grown out enough to cut all that old color out!

I’ve never had more compliments about my hair until now! I know going natural is not for everyone – I can tell those who don’t really care for it – they’ll say “oh – you cut your hair!” and avoid the gray issue. That's okay - I've always strived to be transparent and I feel my image authentically reflects who I am. This is who I am and how God has made me.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

(My Attempt to) Going Green!

Trash Day is usually when I realize how much we WASTE and lately I've been convicted to change some bad habits. I wouldn't say I'm going as far as siding with Al Gore on Global Warming, but I think if we all made a few simple changes we could make a big difference. I am not an expert in any way on the following topics, so if you have tips that could benefit us, please share your comments!

  1. Recylce! If you live in the City of Sugar Land, you should have a blue recycling bin provided by the city. If you do not have one, they will bring it to you if you ask! To get more details on what can be included in your recycling, go here:
  2. Composting - you do not need to be a master gardener to know how to compost. I admit, my husband is the one with the green thumb and he refers to me as the angel of death when I get near plants, but it's my job to be sure we don't waste all those fruit and veggie scraps that help keep the compost pile healthy! There's a lot of info out there - I found a great blog that walks you through the basics.
  3. Reuse! It's true - one man's junk is another's treasure! There are many cool places to sell, barter or give away your old stuff, so find a new home for it instead of throwing it away. My favorites are and It's also okay to donate questionable stuff to thrift stores - I'd rather do that than donate it to Second Mile because they get their fair share of junk there, so if you'd rather donate than sell, reserve your best for Second Mile or other area benevolence ministries. The reason I say this is because more than likely, poor people (or bargain shoppers) will go to a thrift store to purchase old board games or books, etc... while these kinds of items take up valuable storage space at the benevolence ministry that could be filled with desperately needed household, linens and baby items.
  4. Stop shopping so much! Come on - how many toys do your kids need anyway? Learn to be content with what you have. If you have the urge and financial resources to shop (not getting into debt to maintain your lifestyle - but that's a different subject), then do it to bless someone else!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Some Window Treatments I Have Made

Orderly Chaos

My sister in law (and my daughter Sarah) are my main inspirations for creating this blog; she really really wanted me to create one, or she threatened to do it herself. For those of you who know us, we do have a few things in common - like having the same sister & mother -in-law, but that's pretty much it.

I'm in a great season of my life right now - my kids are old enough and trained up so they are making good choices and are trustworthy. I love babies, but that season of life is - well, exhausting. I'm blessed to be married to someone who is not only a good husband but a great father, so he was always there to help during those sleepless nights (and still is when the kids get sick or have a nightmare).

Currently Jeff is working hard to try to get into medical school. It's something he's wanted to do for the almost 20 years we've been married. He's really convicted that this will give him skills to use to serve others in a practical way and help people in countries that are closed off to Christians. He is currently a full time student at UHV-Sugar Land, taking his classes at night and substitute teaching during the day. This year is our last attempt to get into med school - we're waiting to hear back from a few out of state schools and should know by this Spring, hopefully.

These past few years God has really taught me alot about contentment, patience and priorities. With Jeff in school full time I needed to go back to work full time, and any of you with kids knows what a challenge that can be, especially with one in Elementary, Middle and High School. I have the incredible blessing to work for an organization that allows me to work primarily from home, and most of my time out in the field can be scheduled when the kids are in school.

God is so good - he prepared us for this season of our lives by teaching us contentment and giving me patience. He blesses our family with all that we need and gives us incredible health. I will try to keep those of you who are interested updated on the med. school process and other topics that have helped me become the person I am.